PnkBstrB.exe failure

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PnkBstrB.exe failure

Post  Jackyll on Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:13 am

1. Go to Control Panel and select "Administrative Tools"
2. Select "Services" from the list that appears.
3. Scroll down the list and ensure "PnkBstrA" and "PnkBstrB" show 'status' as "Started" and 'Startup Type' as "Automatic"

If PnkBstrB is never created, please do the following:

- Download the latest version of PBSVC from:
- Disable your security software (virus scanners for example) temporarily (disconnect your computer from the internet if you feel this is unsafe).
- Make sure you don't play through a network share.
- Make sure you run the latest drivers, especially drivers for network adapters.
- Run PBSVC and press the "Test Services" button. This will test all components of the PunkBuster Services, including a trigger to start PnkBstrB.
- Check if PnkBstrB.exe is now available in the "C:\Windows\system32\" folder.
- Enable your security software again if closed and add PnkBstrB to the allow list (described above).
- Make sure you have rebooted your computer.
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